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19 July 2012 @ 04:25 pm
New Movie: All The Wrong Reasons  

Originally published at Cory Monteith Now!. You can comment here or there.

Cory has joined the cast of the upcoming Canadian film, “All The Wrong Reasons”, directed and written by Gia Milani.  This are very exciting news!  Can’t wait to hear more about the film. Here’s the confirmation of Cory’s casting and the synopsis of the film. Check it out!

Logline:  The film is about choices made in the aftermath of severe traumatic stress. The story hinges on two lives that intersect in a big box department store: a woman who has witnessed her sister’s suicide and a firefighter who was hurt on the job. She endeavors to keep her comfort zone intact while he strives to regain his former life.

Synopsis: All the Wrong Reasons is an ensemble film that keeps to the confines of the Fairfax Department store, a big box rival to Target and Wal-Mart. Inside is Kate Collins, a security officer. Kate’s a survivor, but she isn’t surviving very well. Posttraumatic stress disorder took a toll on her personal and professional life. Kate’s husband, James, the store’s manager, isn’t sure Kate is going to recover. Missing intimacy, James has an affair with Nicole, another employee, who is holding onto what’s left of her youth. When Simon, an upbeat Christmas temp, gets hired in the security department, Kate re-evaluates how she copes with her trauma. Simon is a recent amputee who is determined to get back to what he loves: firefighting. Simon’s influence sets off a chain of events that changes the entire store… for all the wrong reasons.
Writer/Director: Gia Milani